RoboCup team B-Human has been successful again

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Last week, the igus-sponsored RoboCup team B-Human from Bremen participated again in the RoboCup German Open in Magdeburg.

In the Standard Platform League, a competition in which all teams have to use the same robot hardware – the NAO robot from Aldebaran – and thus compete by developing the most intelligent algorithms, several rules are changed each year to make the league more similar to “real” football. In 2015, the major changes are: white goals (instead of yellow ones), custom-designed jerseys (instead of standard jerseys), and the start of the game by a real whistle.

After a slightly chaotic start that included staggering (and falling!) robots as well as temporary disorientations, the performance increased in the course of the tournament and B-Human was able to win its round robin group with a total goal difference of 30:1. The semifinal against Berlin United was won by 7:0. The grand final was the same as in many previous tournaments: B-Human against Nao-Team HTWK from Leipzig. After an exciting high quality match, B-Human won by 4:1 (half-time score: 1:1)!

In parallel to the “normal” football competition, the so-called Drop-In Player Competition was held, a competition in which mixed robot teams play against each other, i.e. a robot has to cooperate with robots that have been programmed by different people. B-Human has won this competition, too, with a final score that was only slightly higher than the score of the Nao-Team HTWK.

After this tournament, the preparation for the upcoming RoboCup world championship in Hefei, China have already begun!