RoboCup team B-Human has been successful again

Last week, the igus-sponsored RoboCup team B-Human from Bremen participated again in the RoboCup German Open in Magdeburg.

In the Standard Platform League, a competition in which all teams have to use the same robot hardware – the NAO robot from Aldebaran – and thus compete by developing the most intelligent algorithms, several rules are changed each year to make the league more similar to “real” football. In 2015, the major changes are: white goals (instead of yellow ones), custom-designed jerseys (instead of standard jerseys), and the start of the game by a real whistle.

After a slightly chaotic start that included staggering (and falling!) robots as well as temporary disorientations, the performance increased in the course of the tournament and B-Human was able to win its round robin group with a total goal difference of 30:1. The semifinal against Berlin United was won by 7:0. The grand final was the same as in many previous tournaments: B-Human against Nao-Team HTWK from Leipzig. After an exciting high quality match, B-Human won by 4:1 (half-time score: 1:1)!

In parallel to the “normal” football competition, the so-called Drop-In Player Competition was held, a competition in which mixed robot teams play against each other, i.e. a robot has to cooperate with robots that have been programmed by different people. B-Human has won this competition, too, with a final score that was only slightly higher than the score of the Nao-Team HTWK.

After this tournament, the preparation for the upcoming RoboCup world championship in Hefei, China have already begun!

more robolink D informations (HMI interviews)

I would like to share 2 interviews “live” from Hannover trade Show. They might explain more about our ideas and the product robolink D Joint kit. The first is in “English” (=germanenglish) and the second in german. please find some more written informations below.

in german:

I want to explain the basic idea of our Hannover trade show news:

# igus offers mechanical components for automation solutions, for example also joint arms.


# The main components of our kit are “joints” consisting of a PRT slewing bearing table, a plastic worm gear and a plastic housing. These joints exist in 3 sizes (-20, -30 and -50). These joints can be equipped with igus motors as an option. Standard motors are our stepper motors NEMA17, NEMA23 or NEMA23XL. In addition, INI switches can be used as Zero signal outputs.


# These joints can be combined freely (in principle) and as a result represent joint arms with different kinematics. Currently, max. 4 axis can be configured, up to 6 axis are planned. The shown joint arm (on the Hannover show as well as in our mailings and advertises) is a 3 DOF kinematic. This design with 3 different robolink D joints (one of each size -20, -30 and -50) of the new generation will be shown at Hannover Show in April for the first time in public as demo unit. The connecting parts between the joints are produced as SLS (selective laser sintering) parts in this case. On request, igus may share the STEP data for these parts, so that customers may “print” or “sinter” them by themselves as 3D parts. On request, igus may also modify, produce and offer these parts. As a “cheap” solution, these connting parts can also be produced as folded metal sheet parts (see second part of the interview videos).


# As a result of this, it is possible to design or create a cheap 3 DOF robotic arm, either with igus components (joints and motors) or as a ready mounted arm (like in the picture). The choice of joints and motors is depending on the application data given (as payload, precision, speed,…).


# In general, igus offers a mechanical design for robotic applications. Control components as well as further “intelligence” (like force or torque sensors,…) is not part of our offer or our scope of delivery. In order to control such joint arms (in the case of using our stepper motors), at least stepper motor controls are needed. In addition a superior control makes sense. In our demo unit we use an ARDUINO controller as main board, many other different control concepts are possible, as for ex. SIEMENS SPS, WAGO or BECKHOFF controls,….


# performance data of the joint arm we will show in Hannover can not be announced currently, as this is a prototype design! We will reach with this constellation a payload of about 1 kg and a precision (or repeatability) of about 1 mm. Higher loads can be reached by using a stronger motor in the 2nd axis (NEMA23 instead of NEMA17).

robolink D at Hannover trade show (HMI 13.04.-17.04.15)

There were no posts for a long time, since our Team has been very busy to prepare for the Hannover trade Show.

Today I present a film of our new robolink D demo unit and the related News pages as pdf. More informations on the concept and the product will follow soon.

DE-EN_dry-tech_HMI 2015_robolink.pdf (1.95 mb)