B-Human qualified for semi final

B-Human won its today’s two games again. The first game against Z-Knipsers ended 10:0 and the second against Nao-Devils 8:0. Especially the second game had some breathtaking moments. For example a ball stopped on the goal line and caused a high intense moment. But in the end B-Human played a good game and kept it interesting for the viewers.

Tomorrow  the semi finals will start. B-Human will play against RoboÉireann from Ireland. If B-Human wins this game, it will proceed to the finals and will try to become for the 6th time German Champion.

First games

Today started the German Open in Magdeburg and Team B-Human played its first games. The little robots played these games successfully and won the first game 3:1 and the second one 7:0. The last intensive two days were used to prepare the robots for the competition, but now everybody is glad that the hard work got paid off. Right now we are in the preliminary. In this part of the competition we have to play four games and if we succeed, we will play at the semi final.

In this German Open there is an additionaly competition next to the original team competition. At the DropIn-Competition every team provides a robot. These single robots will be formed to a single team and it will be rated how good a single robot can interact in a team with new team members.