robolink D: NEW “direct driven” joints

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In order to extend our joint kit  and to present a new kind of modular joint, we have designed a new “direct driven” joint type. It is called robolink D and it is based on our igus round table iglidur PRT. Main components are the sliding round table, a worm gear and a stepper motor, all integrated in a plastic housing. Currently we have produced 3 different sizes: RL-D-20´, RL-D-30 and RL-D50:


These joints can now be combined as joint arms up to max. 6 DOF. We show this idea in an animated video (first video). The second video shows the first prototype in action. This unit is now shown in Hannover on the HMI this week. More documentation can be found in our brand new catalogue on pages 30/31 (download in my last blog entry).