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… to want more, achieve more, get better. That’s the drive of progress.
We will face the challenge and help you to reach your goal more quickly.

So far we were able to offer you the following components for your complete pikchain®:

  • pikchain®
  • c-chain®
  • Guide rails

Optionally also:

  • Guide wheels
  • Cables and hoses
  • Rotary feedthrough or friction wheel

Earlier you had to take care of the assembly, the drive, the control, the actuators, etc., yourself. 

In case you require more prefabricated modules for want of time to construct your own pikchain®, we will gladly study your project and deliberate how far we can expand our delivery, if necessary up to a ready-to-use pikchain®.

You can find a planning form on the following web page

In case you have neither the time nor the desire to do even that, just call me:
02203 96 49 7208. 

Want of time shouldn’t be a reason for your pikchain® project to fall by the wayside.
We take you to your goal.