Speed 5DOF arm with IME (igus® motion editor)

At MOTEK and FAKUMA we have shown for the first time our new IME software. A common question from many prospective customers was: “How fast can I position with it?” Admittedly, the speeds of the arm shown there were not exactly breathtaking. Now that we have once again optimized the program a little, here is a film with the current maximum attainable speed of movement (with a further increase in speed, repeatability suffers to such an extent that the parts cannot be used properly). We reach a cycle time of approx 7 sec for a pick & place operation (55 sec for this process with 8x pick and place):

Another question was the possibility of using the arm in the clean room, or in areas with a lot of dust and dirt. The system is open, but there is always the possibility to “pack” the arm, here in the film is a very simple option with a protective shell of plastic (costs almost nothing, attached in seconds):



Company FAUDE GmbH shows an “intelligent assisting arm” with robolink at MOTEK:

Company Faude GmbH from Gärtringen has equipped a robolink articulated arm as manual assistant for the data analysis. This allows customers to leave contours and read out robot coordinates and speeds. This is then used in the next step for the dosing of media (e.g. glue) in semi-automated workstations. Faude GmbH offers this arm as a complete system with the specially developed software. For more details go directly to

Company FAUDE GmbH shows an “intelligent assisting arm” with robolink at MOTEK Company FAUDE GmbH shows an “intelligent assisting arm” with robolink at MOTEK.2





igus® motion editor (robolink freeware)

Starting today, we are offering the download of the IME software for free. Either here using the link in the blog or (latest from tomorrow) at our support & service page. Have fun with it, for any questions we are at your disposal. The demo system with software can be viewed and tested at Motek in Stuttgart (week 41) and the FAKUMA in Friedrichshafen (week 42). The circuitry of the necessary components is as follows:

igus® motion editor (robolink freeware)


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So far we were able to offer you the following components for your complete pikchain®:

  • pikchain®
  • c-chain®
  • Guide rails

Optionally also:

  • Guide wheels
  • Cables and hoses
  • Rotary feedthrough or friction wheel

Earlier you had to take care of the assembly, the drive, the control, the actuators, etc., yourself. 

In case you require more prefabricated modules for want of time to construct your own pikchain®, we will gladly study your project and deliberate how far we can expand our delivery, if necessary up to a ready-to-use pikchain®.

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