Components for the wire feedthrough in a robolink joint

How are the wires fed through in a lower joint?

This feedthrough is important to make the movements of the joints independent of each other. For this purpose a Bowden cable system is used, in which 4 draw wires are routed in parallel (Picture 1). The components are shown here to guarantee this feedthrough. A maximum of four wires can be routed in the installation size RL-50. In addition, max. 3 sensor cables or other cables can be fed through the inside (max. diameter 4 mm each):

[forcecaption]Picture 1: 2 Joints: yellow wires: pivot, white wires: rotation joint 2  [forcecaption]Picture 2: Upper mounting bracket<br><br>
[forcecaption]Picture 3: Segments  [forcecaption]Picture 4: Lower mounting bracket

The following are needed for the feedthrough: 1 upper (Picture 2) and lower (Picture 4) mounting bracket, segments between the end pieces (Picture 3):

RL-50-001: 39 segments

RL-50-002: 43 segments

RL-50-PL1: 26 segments