robolink at HMI 2012, new catalog

Why no new blog entries for the recent weeks? We have focused all our efforts on our trade show exhibit at HMI 2012. The results are 2 new trade show displays, both using angle sensors and SPS programming – the first truly operational pick&place application. 2 short videos can now be seen here.



There is also the new robolink catalog! 24 pages. Novelty headliners: There are now 4 joint types: Swivel joint (1 DOF), rotating joint (1 DOF), symmetric and asymmetric standard joint (2 DOF). You can now implement a total of 31 possible combinations, with articulated arm designs having 1 to 5 DOF (see pages 10-13 with prices, one with and one without angle sensors). PDF download here:

robolink® catalog (German / English)
>> robolink_04_12_s.pdf

Low Cost Automations cell!

Well, what does the pikchain® have in common with a low cost automation cell

You don’t know the answer? That means that you don’t know our pikchain® good enough, the intelligent conveyor belt from igus.

The best way to improve your knowledge about pikchain is to come to Hannover and visit us at the Hannover fair HMI, which takes place between 23rd und 27th of  April

Of course we are participating and among other new products (120 in total) we will show a complete low cost automation cell. .
The igus parts used to build this cell cost about 13.500 Euro.
Experienced machine engineers can design this cell for about 22.000 to 27.000€

What do you see on our booth?: What are pikchain®, Robolink and Drylin E doing?
-automatic stacking
-intelligent sorting
-selective providing to robolink
– optical control by moving camera
-precise storing of work piece


– …the installation of more actuators is always possible

Briefly: Intelligent, flexible pick and place in the smallest space