Feedthrough of draw wires

For the series connection of joints, the 4 draw wires of the second (or upper) joint should be conducted through the first (or lower) joint. This feedthrough must be done in such a way that a movement of the lower joint does not alter the wire lengths of the feedthrough, which means Bowden cables are needed.

In the pictures you can see the schematic and actual feedthrough of the 4 draw wires by means of igus® plastic Bowden cables.

In the connecting rods of the joints (“skeleton”), the wires and cables are free in contrast. In total, a maximum of the following elements can be routed through an RL-50 joint:

4 draw wires plus 2 sensor cables (joint 1 and 2) plus 2 additional cables max. d4 (compressed air or electric).

[forcecaption]Diagram of wire arrangement in the feedthrough (white = rotate, yellow = pivot)


[forcecaption]Feedthrough: 1) compressed air hose d=4mm, 2) 4 draw wires, 3) sensor cable

igus® robolink® with pneumatic gripper

We build demonstration plants time and again for our own trade shows and of course for our igus® subsidiaries all over the world. Such systems are then shown, for example at the Hannover Messe or Motek, as well as in many smaller or the so-called house shows of customers.
For some time we’ve been equipping our demo installations with pneumatic grippers. But what if the exhibition site does not have a compressed air supply? Then the gripper cannot be used and thus forego a part of the show?

NO. The video shows how our igus® Poland team has solved this problem:


Endless space …

If you think now that our pikchain® is taking off with the Enterprise and James T. Kirk, I must disappoint you.
I still have something that you might like:

It is still in the study phase and the first models have already been implemented, but I’m pretty sure we will soon be able to offer pikchain® for theoretically infinite distances or widths. We are going to transfer the modular system of our energy chains® to the pikchain®. In the future, we can transfer this image of an energy chain® exactly to the pikchain®.

For you this means: A huge selection of sizes and widths for “your” pikchain®. You can find exactly what you need.

Planet igus® is waiting for your arrival!