Shall it be a little bit more?

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Can you imagine that! A pikchain®, mounted on side, axis distance 35 meters and a height of 400 mm for the c-chain? No?
We do! But we have tested it before to be sure! See video.

You see, that this project has nothing to do with our tiny show pikchain®, which we have presented this year during so many trade shows. But the functional principle is absolutely the same.

We combine a slip ring/rotary union with an energy chain, which can now run, endless and continuously and which is connected to the conveyor chain, to say pikchain®. This principle works with small or big chains from igus®, or in this case for size XXL. Basically, any chain from igus can become a c-chain and so an important component for the pikchain®.

Shall it be a little bit more? I mean more information about that XXL pikchain? Just call me or write me an E-Mail. I will be happy to answer your questions.