Vacuum: Turn it on , turn it off!


You have a vacuum conveyor? You produce vacuum conveyors? Well, I am pretty sure that you know that: Either the vacuum power is on for all stations or off for all stations.

What would you say if igus® can offer you components which allow you to produce a vacuum conveyor where all stations can be controlled individually? That would mean: for each single suction cup: Vacuum on, vacuum off, instead of for the whole conveyor. That would be real fantastic, wouldn’t it?

And there are much more benefits.
You save energy
Only a couple of suction cups need their vacuum instead of the whole conveyor.
Less noise

The conveyor needs always only a certain volume of vacuum, never the maximum, or let’s say never all suction cups.
Flexibility: Because of the modular structure of the pikchain® you can change the numbers of suction cups or to add other tools (grippers, cameras, sensors, etc) on the pikchain® without having to perform time consuming conversion work. The same: Extending or shortening of existing pikchain®.
Price: The modular structure allows igus also to offer the pikchain® components to a very reasonable price.

What do you think?


Last week: Please don’t stop the dog!

WHAT? No, no, we don’t have a dog!

But the pikchain® links have now also a stop dog like our e.chains® The first prototype links didn’t have a defined radius.

Because of the stop dog, the pikchain® is now running much smoother and more exactly. And this has also a positive effect on the tools mounted on the pikchain®. The pikchain® has now even a slight pretension. A low noise operation and a higher accuracy are the nice positive side effects of this change. Well, all important tiny details that make the big difference. The pikchain®: Save time, save energy and costs down!


The aluminium sheets are NOT stacked against us!


Today I will tell you the story about a stacking machine for highly sensitive sheets of aluminium.
Until now, stacking capacity was about 1200 sheets per hour. Well, rone day, this was no longer enough. The customer asked for 3.000 sheets per hour and this was nearly impossible for linear motion. Why? Because a linear motion or a gantry robot is always working with one “empty” stroke. For 3000 sheets an hours, the gantry has to run 6.000 times with a very high speed and acceleration rate. This hurry scurry wastes time and energy.

Better: A continuous movement without any “empty” stroke. With our pikchain® the customer can realise this high output of 3000 sheets per hour without any extensive speed and acceleration. No stroke is useless.

This saves time, energy and of course: Costs

Would you like to know more about this application? Please call me: +49(0)2203 96 49 7208.